This is not new, we have been here before, Point Nepean Quarantine Station 

It was a reassuring discovery that Australia was a world leader in modelling the quarantine and disinfection process. It seemed to tell me that we would weather this storm and pull together as Australians had done in the past. The white peaks of the buildings remind me of Nun’s habits who were the original dispensaries of nursing care & hospitality.

Sitting it out, Fulham Place, Melbourne

Rain on my window, Cranbourne East

Abstract Reflection 'Looking Out to what will come'

In the light of overwhelming disaster we forget to remember the things that heal us inside. The almost tropical reflection in this image reminds me of the excitement of looking forward to holidays on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Beyond the bars of self-isolation I look out to what will come.

No Gathering, Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre

How do we live, explore and grow? How do we survive, maintain our lifestyle & stay safe? How do we continue to be together? in a time of legal, ethical, moral & community health mutual obligations. We adapt, be flexible & do what is right with a little hand gel, a mask and a lot of brightly coloured tape. 

‘Changes at work & the gossip', Cranbourne Parking Shopping Centre

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