Getting dressed to put the bins out - Costume by Leigh Bowery

Getting dressed to walk in the park - Costume by Victoria ad Albert Museum

Getting dressed to go shopping - Costume by David Bowie

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Michelle Bolitho
'Angst', Mount Martha, @sunshineandsnowglobes, The gift of isolation with my teenage daughters. I was able to observe the tension, angst, courage and joy as they navigated their way through teenage emotions and COVID-19 reality.
Patrick Marion
Front Door Project, Kensington, @patrickphotostudio
Ivan Kemp
Live Streaming - The Covid Connection, Drysdale, Victoria, @ivan.r.kemp – The performers are Elena & James Nicholls, they are local to the Bellarine Peninsula, multi instrumentalists, singers and songwriters. The technicians are Trent Humphrey (audio) and Liam Way (visuals).
Letitia Green
Mania , Photo Series during Mass Isolation 2020, Beaumaris, @letitiagreenstudio, Mania is a look inward at the journey of life, motherhood and being isolated at home, during the Covid19 social restrictions. The inner turmoil, the boredom, the desire of escapism and a balance between what was “normal” and what “is”.
Isolation, St. Kilda Beach, @lovemups
Sarah Williams
My home, many driveways! @insightphotomedia – My project documents my time in isolation at home alongside many families in their driveways, exploring themes of family and community during the COVID-19 isolation perio
Neil Cunningham
Panic? What Panic?, Woolworths, Eltham, @neilgue
Jacob Hetherington
Happy Places - Farmer McDonald, Yarpturk,, Victoria. @jacob_hetherington_photos Through COVID we all still had a happy place, whether we could still get there or not, it will always be waiting for us.
Eamon Gallagher
"Wake Up 8.30am Tea Delivered 8.35am Class Begins 8.40am - Annica’s Day begins." Melbourne
Scott McNaughton
Self-Portrait, Melbourne, @scottmcnaughton
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